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Reading In Motion

Cobalt Ed Network has developed a literacy program that allows a student to never have to take a pencil and paper test to decide where to start their learning. Instead, using our evaluation management system, we evaluate a student’s speech and can diagnose deficiencies down to a single phoneme. Students will be able to use this diagnosis to learn at their own pace and receive feedback that the teacher can directly interface with.

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PD Your Way

Improve and develop your faculty’s skills by utilizing our avatar enhanced training, powered by Mursion. Our flexible, asynchronous training reduces the time needed for professional development and provides a safe space to practice the skills learned in a virtual environment.

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Custom Curriculum

The design of a learning environment can have a big impact on teaching, learning, and student success. A well-designed environment creates the right conditions for students to flourish—academically, socially, and emotionally. Customized learning environments and curriculum can be provided based upon the teaching and learning needs of the students and teachers. Cobalt Education has developed standard curriculum tools that uniquely work with students to find new avenues of interest by creating customized curriculum materials

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Tools For Success

Cobalt Ed Network’s teacher and staff training is designed to develop the skills and applications necessary for teachers to integrate technology effectively to advance student-learning outcomes. Professional development services will focus on instruction, curriculum-driven applications and assessment tools that integrate technology to drive and support pedagogy.

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Communication and mentorship

Our Success Network

Our network provides teachers, staff and students with the ability to connect with experts around the world to enhance the learning of both the teacher and the student.

Cobalt Ed Network is pleased to partner with Woz Ed, to focus on preparing students for today’s workplace with an emphasis on problem solving, collaboration and technology. This partnership integrates STEAM lessons and curriculum at all grade levels with the Pathways program.  With a focus on interconnectivity of the different elements of STEAM jobs, Woz Ed wants to teach students not just what to learn, but how to learn it in an everchanging digital world.

Woz Ed Pathways

Pathways looks to develop both computational literacy and an engineering mindset in students to prepare them for a tech-driven future.

Woz Ed Apprentice Now

WozU Apprentice Now provides public and private high school students an alternate pathway to a professional career in technology.

Forbes Jobs Now

Forbes Jobs is about more than helping you achieve your career goals; they’re your partner for your whole career journey

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