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Cobalt Ed Network partners with public and private schools, districts, and organizations to provide soft-skill, learning applications and alternative, career pathways in technology through the use of, and assistance utilizing, federally-funded programs.

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Federal Program Support

Our experts have compiled information and resources to assist with navigating the confusing landscape of federal funding. We’ve successfully helped schools get funding from ESEA Title IA, IIA, III, IVA, IDEA, and many other COVID relief funds.

Apprentice Now

4-year universities may not be for everyone, and often lag behind the latest technology. We’ve partnered with Woz U to provide public and private high school students an alternate pathway to a professional career in technology.

Avatar Enhanced Training

Improve and develop your faculty’s skills by utilizing our avatar enhanced training, powered by Mursion. Our flexible, asynchronous training reduces the time needed for professional development and provides a safe space to practice the skills learned in a virtual environment.

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