Custom Curriculum

Cobalt Ed will provide supplemental instructional resources and curriculum aligned to the school, state, national and/or local standards, as requested. All materials and services will be secular, neutral, and non-ideological. The services are designed to ensure students have the necessary skills to be successful in school and prepared for both college and a future career. Instructional services will be provided to improve the academic achievement of identified students who are most in need of services in the academic content areas and experiencing learning loss or social emotional learning.

The goals are to assist targeted students in acquiring the knowledge and skills necessary to master challenging academic content and fulfill student academic achievement standards. These objectives will be accomplished through a comprehensive program that focuses on the following:

  • Provide identified students with supplemental educational services in the academic content areas;
  • Implement program resources to help participating students meet challenging student academic achievement standards;
  • Use effective methods and instructional strategies that are evidence based and provide an accelerated, high-quality curriculum and that gives consideration to extended learning time, instruction and resources;
  • Coordinate with and supplement the educational program in student classrooms;
  • Monitor and evaluate to ensure adequate student academic progress;
  • Report and meet with classroom teachers and parents on a regularly scheduled basis and/or as needed, to review student progress;
  • Provide instruction by qualified educational professionals;

The supplemental instructional services are designed to ensure students do not miss essential classroom instruction in the core academic content areas and other key subjects. Cobalt Ed will meet and discuss the design of the program with teachers and/or parents to ensure that the services supplement and coordinate with the regular classroom instruction. The tutoring sessions with students will be conducted during school, after school and/or summer vacation.

Custom Curriculum Examples