Custom Platform/ Education Technology

The student’s learning plan will be hosted on Cobalt’s proprietary portal with specific instructional lessons, assessments and activities to supplement the classroom instruction. Cobalt Ed will provide assessment data and ongoing student progress reports to ensure student academic progress. The portal is developed with ease of sign-on supported by a single passcode to the integrated resources and school operating system.

The assessment data will provide valuable information on tailoring the instructional plans with learning goals and objectives. Through the secure portal, Cobalt Ed will allow teachers and parents to view student academic progress.

Customized lessons for individual and group instruction are designed to meet the needs of students by addressing the learners’ strengths, weaknesses, and academic performance in the academic content areas. The lessons offer opportunities for individualized instruction and/or blended learning with lessons that integrate rich media to engage and motivate students and focus on facilitating positive outcomes and mastery of skills and concepts. A library of digital resources aligned to standards will be provided to supplement the academic content areas of instruction and support student acquisition and mastery of skills.

The integration of technology to instruction will be essential to monitor student academic progress, in addition to providing a robust supplemental academic program. The appropriate software, productivity tools and Apps will be identified for the targeted students. Cobalt Ed’s portal has proven to provide enormous opportunities for increasing student academic achievement, engagement, productivity, and personalized learning.

Educational technology via Cobalt Ed’s portal will provide students access to their personalized instructional plan, online programs of study, reinforcement activities and assessments. The portal is secure and personalized to the students’ academic needs.

Cobalt Ed will conduct an assessment of technology and venue infrastructure to ensure adequate availability of technology hardware and connectivity for the Cobalt Ed portal.