Professional Development

Cobalt Ed empowers educators with evidence-based professional development to meet the educational challenges of their students and confront the expectations of stakeholders in meeting the educational needs of all students. Cobalt Ed inspires educators to meet the challenges and improve learning outcomes for students. Cobalt Ed provides customized resources and professional development that are credible, evidence-based, and effective with a comprehensive range of services including professional learning events, virtual and on-site training, curated videos, and online courses.

Cobalt Ed’s focus of the professional development for the educators will be based upon the identified needs of the teachers and the instructional needs of the students aligned with academic standards to ensure the training is appropriate and meaningful. The customized enhancements will be designed and developed to ensure all learners and teachers receive high quality and evidence-based strategies and best practices. The customized enhancements include live interaction with content area specialists and supported with digitized videos, on-going follow up personalized training, and classroom instruction resources. The professional learning will assist teachers to build the roadmap for competency-based education and improved instruction.

The one-size-fits-all instructional and assessment practices of the past no longer fulfills or meets the needs of students or educators. Evidence-based practices and best practices will be provided in the professional development sessions. Teachers will be guided through the implementation and validation phases with content specialists to support the on-going training and shifts to:

  • Build the foundation for organizational changes by examining policies, leadership, culture, and professional learning;
  • Examine and identify the changes in teaching and learning structures by addressing rigorous learning goals, competency-based assessment, evidence-based grading, and body of evidence validation;
  • Examine the shift to student-centered classrooms through personalized instructional strategies that change mindsets regarding teacher-student roles, responsibilities, and classroom culture.

Educators will discover how students can demonstrate deeper learning of academic content and develop personal success skills by maximizing time, place, and pace of learning. Cobalt Ed is a developer of innovative solutions for education with extensive expertise and knowledge in instructional practices, emerging technologies and engaging innovative services.

Professional Development Example

Keeth Matheny