Gail Richardson

Cobalt Ed was founded by Dr. Gail Richardson, an educator, administrator, and owner of several education companies. Dr. Richardson received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Education from Eastern Illinois University and a Master of Arts and Doctorate in Education from the University of Indiana.

Director of Curriculum

Jessi Dall

After five years of teaching in the classroom, Jessi spent the past 12+ years growing her own private tutoring company. Her unique approach to education has focused on individualized support, not a pre-determined program. She has ended the homework battle for 1000s of families and given them quality time together. She has also recruited and employed 100s of expert instructors. Her vast experience in both education and business inspired her to join the Cobalt team. Jessi’s natural, people-first mentality inspires Cobalt’s effective partnerships with administrators and educators, in order to best meet the needs of today’s schools.

Bryan Ward

For the past 20 years, Bryan has built businesses and motivated people to think differently to create efficiencies. His experience includes time with multiple small startups as well as Daymon Worldwide, consisting of over 25,000 employees. Bryan attributes his success to surrounding himself with great people and allowing them to shine. In 2012 Bryan brought his leadership experience to Mind Streams where he’s led and trained some of the best enrollment advisors in higher education.
Multimedia Coordinator & Editor

Jakob Wastek

Jakob is a Fulbright Scholar who loves a good story. He is an accomplished Multimedia Coordinator and Editor who has worked with companies from Arizona PBS to WGN News to ESPN. Jakob specializes in video production and is responsible for bringing custom curriculum to life in an engaging and exciting way.

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